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Badger licences awarded

Urban Wildlife are pleased to announce that all our staff have been awarded class licences for Badgers from Natural England.
this means that we no longer need to wait for natural England to issue individual licences and can assess and plan works under the new class license.
A huge well done to all concerned.[..]

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Wildlife crime !

A man has appeared in court charged with capturing, killing and possessing specimens of the UK's rarest butterfly.
Phillip Cullen, 57, is accused of six offences relating to Large Blue (Maculinea arion) butterflies, which are endangered globally.
He is alleged to have captured and killed one Large Blue from Daneway Banks near Cirencester, Gloucestershire, on June 18 in 2015.
Cullen is also said to have captured and killed a second Large Blue from Collard Hill, near Street, Somerset, between June 17 and 20 that year.
Bristol Magistrates' Court heard the butterflies were found at Cullen's home in Cadbury Heath, Bristol, on Feb 13 in 2016.
He denies six charges, relating to two Large Blue butterflies, and will stand trial at the court on March 16.
full story can be read at Telegraph

Badgers and cats

Badgers and cats

We are often asked if Badgers Kill domestic cats.
In recent research by ourselves we have concluded that urban Badgers and cats have a healthy respect for each other and indeed in some circumstances will actively seek each others company.
This is not to say that Badgers are not opportunist and a small kitten or indeed and elderly cat will not suffer an attack.
Our video surveillance gathered over 4 months has concluded that most cats will live happily side by side with their Badger neighbours.[..]

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Urban to the rescue

Urban to the rescue

Urban Wildlife have once again been approached to supply yet another artificial Badger sett.
One of the country's leading university,s have engaged Urban Wildlife to construct an artificial Badger sett to enable their clan of Badgers to expand.
Urban Wildlife pride ourselves on understanding the species we are dealing with.
The new sett creation will hopefully be finished mid to late September allowing the Badgers to be resident by early spring.
The sett will be a design of four chambers on an area of land which has been identified and ear marked for this specific purpose.
Our team has studied the area and early indications are good with badgers foraging nightly.
check back regularly for more info and further details !![..]

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six weeks license time.

Six weeks.
Natural England are currently running on a six week time scale for all new badger applications.
our advice is to submit your license early to avoid delays.
Please remember all Badger works must be completed by the 30th November.
should you require any advice or further information please do not hesitate to call.

Get "Rid" of Badgers

Get "Rid" Of Badgers From My Garden ...
People often discuss how to get "rid" of badgers, not realising that this is not as easy at it sounds! The law does not allow us to just "get rid" of the animal.
Badgers in the UK are protected by the Protection of Badgers Act 1992, therefore you must be very careful in what methods you use when experiencing badger problems.
Not just the animal is protected; the badgers home is also, making it illegal to attempt to destroy or obstruct the animal from accessing it.
Urban Wildlife have tried and trusted methods of achieving a badger free environment, whilst ensuring that you stay on the right side of the law! Our telephone advice is, and always will be, free of charge.
Our team have a wealth of experience and can be relied upon to provide suitable and cost effective advice to help you with your problems.
0800 910 1897[..]

Badgers in my Garden

Badgers in my Garden

Badgers in my Garden.
Badgers in your garden are more common than you may think.
As night time approaches badgers will routinely visit many places including domestic gardens.
neatly trimmed lawns and flower beds are ideal foraging habitat.
The badgers diet includes earth worms and indeed make up 50% of his daily needs.
the Badgers digging habits cause the majority of problems associated with garden damage.
Although the badger is protected under law there are still many solutions available which can be used to deter and prevent garden damage.
If you are suffering damage from Badgers why not gives us a call - our wildlife advisor's are here to help and all telephone advice is free of charge .[..]