Urban to the rescue

Urban to the rescue

Urban Wildlife have once again been approached to supply yet another artificial Badger sett.
One of the country's leading university,s have engaged Urban Wildlife to construct an artificial Badger sett to enable their clan of Badgers to expand.
Urban Wildlife pride ourselves on understanding the species we are dealing with.
The new sett creation will hopefully be finished mid to late September allowing the Badgers to be resident by early spring.
The sett will be a design of four chambers on an area of land which has been identified and ear marked for this specific purpose.
Our team has studied the area and early indications are good with badgers foraging nightly.
check back regularly for more info and further details !![..]

Categories: Badger setts

six weeks license time.

Six weeks.
Natural England are currently running on a six week time scale for all new badger applications.
our advice is to submit your license early to avoid delays.
Please remember all Badger works must be completed by the 30th November.
should you require any advice or further information please do not hesitate to call.